Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Thrifting Finds

Last weekend Mom and I had our weekly thrift date on Saturday Morning and I came home with a bunch of goodies - all for resale.  I need to make about $150 more in our fun fund to cover our fishing charter this year and these guys will help with that.  I love thrifting/garage saling so this really isn't anything I wouldn't already be doing and I make a few bucks at it.  The small nymph planter above was in pretty good condition - but when I bought it I missed the fact that it had 2 chips.  I sold it with full disclosure and made 3x my money.  I would have made a lot more had it been chip free though.

These little vintage owl salt and pepper shakers are so cute - for .50 I had to bring them home.  If they don't sell I would be more than happy to keep them.  

 I had to pay a bit more for these antique canning jars, about $3 a piece but each is worth around $10-20 as they have zinc lid and glass seals.

My favorite recent find was this record from 1969 which is a recording of the astronauts moon landing.  We haven't had time to listen to it yet but it is not very common.  The record is in perfect shape and the album cover has minor wear.  The moon landing occured one month before I was born so it is etched in my brain forever - the summer of 1969 was epic!

If I found 100 of these Bing Crosby Merry Christmas albums I could sell every one around Christmas time.  I've sold it twice before.  This one is in very good condition, the album glue is coming loose but I can fix that.  Both these records together were a whopping .25 cents so likely I will make a few bucks from each of them.  

The only thing I brought home that day for myself were a couple of books for reading - the rest will hopefully sold off for some fun!

This weekend we are off to Edmonton for a couple of days to go to an 80th party for hubby's Aunt.  We haven't seen her since we moved so it will be really nice to reconnect with her and a bunch of our other relatives.  We will also see 3 of the 4 kids (4th lives in Ottawa now) so we are looking forward to it!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Pie Crust and Salsa

No, I haven't actually made them yet...but I will be in this:

Since it is a tiny bit too early to be shopping on driveways (garage sales) I have been prowling the 24 hr facebook bidding site and found this 3 cup Proctor Silex food processor for a whopping $5.  I told myself a while ago if I found one at a low price I would buy it.  It now is spic and span after a good cleaning in my cupboards.  I intend to make a pie for my Mom for Easter with homemade crust since she has been observing Lent by giving up sweets.  I have tried to make pie crust before, it turned out ok at best.  Apparently the easiest/best way is with a food processor which I've never owned.  This one holds three cups.  I own another minichopper, Cuisinart that hubby got me for Christmas one year.  It is awesome for chopping things like garlic and nuts but doesn't work for larger recipes like salsa (although I have used it for that, just chopped all ingredients separately) and pie crust.  I've tested it and it works, and for five bucks definitely a price I can live with.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Beautiful Sunday

Today is absolutely beautiful out - sunny and 11 degrees Celcius.  Although we lost an hour due to turning our clocks forward last night we still were able to have a nice leisurely Sunday.  We've already taken Buddy on a really long walk, I have almost 10,000 of my 11,000 steps done and hubby is in the process of making beef and broccoli/cauliflower soup for supper.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Stepping Up

I came to an epiphany yesterday - I am way healthier than when I started doing 10,000 steps a day last July. From April until then I had been doing 10,000 steps a couple of times a week, not every single day - it makes a big difference when you do it consistently.  Other than a couple of days when I was sick, traveling or otherwise occupied with family like at Christmas I have done 10,000 every single day.   That 10,000 steps is coming too easy these days so it is now time to step up my game.  I believe my metabolism changed and I need to increase the steps.  My new goal is 11,000 steps a day, realizing that some days it is difficult to do so the actual goal is 77,000 a week with 10,000 per day absolute minimum. Since January 1 I have only done 11,000 or over 13 days so it means on average I have to walk/spend on the treadmill an extra 5-10 minutes.  Totally achievable.  I am also going to try some situps each day as still have a very squidgy middle.  I reviewed last year's steps per week for the first three months of the year - stunned to see most weeks I was lucky to get to 30,000/40,000 steps so as with any goal this actually takes some work.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dollars and Cents- The Grocery Edition

Tomorrow is the last day of the month but I am closing off the grocery budget today as we have all the food we need and there will be no more grocery shopping done.  The monthly grocery budget is $575.39(included .39 unused from January) Canadian (approx $450 USD) which includes all food, cleaning and personal items.  We stayed under budget for the second month in a row at $559.45.  The unused budget of $15.94 will be added to March's grocery budget.

I am really trying hard to stay on top of food spoilage.  This week our lettuce rolled to the back of the fridge and froze, so in future I will try and keep food away from that wall.  We had burgers last night which was when I realized what happened.  We ate the frozen lettuce on burgers and will recycle the rest of it.  I had only just purchased it for $2.50 a few days ago.  Fortunately this week they are on loss leader for $1 a head but that is my $2.50 of mostly unused lettuce out the window.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

In The Snow

We awoke to snow on Sunday.  It must have been windy too as the wind blew snow up under our covered patio.  These little bird tracks were made on top of our patio coffee table which is a couple feet from the bird feeder.  I have had to bring in the hummingbird feeder each night and take it out each morning as the hummingbirds who insist on staying here year round need breakfast.  It has gotten colder too, a few degrees below zero each day this week which is unusual for us.  

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Odds N Sodds

Thanks for all your kind words on my last post - I am back to 100% health and feeling good.  Did I do my 10,000 steps while I was sick?  Well, I ended up doing 60,000 of my required 72,000 last week so the answer is no, two days I was just too sick.  I am not worried about it though, I am back on track this week.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Under The Weather

I've not posted as I have been quite sick this week.  I thought I was on the mend Saturday so expended a lot of energy cleaning my house top to bottom and going to Costco for groceries....and by that evening I was feeling yucky again.  I am still not over it, usually I rebound back quickly but this time I am on day five.

In the mean time I was trying to get year end done for the Company to take to the accountant (done and delivered) and had to do a bunch of Company work for hubby to deliver training this week.  Yes, self employment sucks when you aren't feeling well but the show must go on as they say.  Oh yeah, hubby's 90 year old Aunt died and we would really like to attend the funeral but it is exactly when hubby has to deliver training in another city, training that cannot be rescheduled.  So he also has to "suck it up" as they say and miss her funeral. She was a very sweet woman who lived a full life and hubby is very upset we can't go.  Usually we have a more flexible schedule and could have gone...

I will be posting again when I feel more like a human and less like a train wreck :)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January - The Longest Month Of The Year

Doesn't it seem like January just goes on and on?  Maybe that is why I managed to read 8 books this month, probably a personal record.  I haven't always kept track but as I get older I hate seeing a book and then wonder if I have read it before.  Most times I can tell from the brief on the back but sometimes I get a couple of chapters in before realizing I have already been there and done that.  Now I keep track of Authors and Titles on my phone in lists (I also keep my ongoing grocery list there, so handy).  In 2017 I read 27 books in total.  I think 2018 might be the year of reading.

8 Books Read this month:

Camilla Lackberg - The Lost Boy
Janet Evanovich - Wicked Charms
Louise Penny - Still Life
Louise Penny - The Long Way Home
Sue Grafton - X
PJ Parrish - A Thousand Bones
PJ Parrish - Paint It Black
Peter May - Entry Island

Friday, January 26, 2018

Wake Up Call

Around 1 am Pacific time Tuesday morning there was a large earthquake in Alaska.  We awoke  to find that there had been a tsunami warning for the whole BC Coast and all of Vancouver Island but that the warning had already been called off by the time we got up.  It was a weird feeling turning on your phone and suddenly seeing all these social media posts about potential disaster, not knowing what was going on.  We turned the TV on and realized any danger to the Island had passed.