Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Grocery Wars

If you don't live in Canada you may not have heard that we have had a bread price fixing scandal involving almost every large Canadian grocery store.  Loblaws which is one of the largest admitted to being part of it and came out before they were charged/sued.  They are giving everyone who bought bread there before 2015 (*no proof required) a $25 GC if you register at  I have registered and had my husband and Mom do the same.  This price-fixing happened over a very long period of time including before I was married so that is why we both registered as had independently shopped there.  

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Staying In

While the rest of Canada is experiencing bone chilling temperatures we are experiencing rain - I'll take that any day over the extreme cold days that we previously lived in when living through Alberta winters.  We need to take down the Christmas lights but I don't really want to do that in the rain so it will wait a few more days.  I might gather up the ones at the back of the house to dry off and organize before we store them.  This weekend has been slow, all about doing laundry, hubby unpacking from his trip and cooking.

Hubby did make it home on time on Friday night, what is a complete miracle based on all the weather cancellations and delays.  And the fact that his Westjet plane was preparing to depart at the exact same terminal at the exact same moment as this collision of two aircraft which resulted in a fire and the passengers deplaning by chute at Toronto Pearson airport.  He had been texting me wondering why after boarding it took 70 minutes for them to take off.  They were told it was a cold weather delay then a problem with catering as they were the opposite side of the terminal and couldn't see the fire.  I think that the crew decided to tell people another story rather than what was really going on but fortunately he didn't miss his connecting flight at Calgary and got home on time.  I watched the news and immediately realized what had happened and texted him so when he got to Calgary he was filled in.

Friday, January 5, 2018

What Were They Thinking Edition

Mom and I did some errands yesterday which included dropping some things off at the thrift store for donation.  I cannot simply drop things at a thrift store so we had to go in.  Mom starts laughing at this picture.  Seriously, what bride needs to have a gigantic (2 ft tall) picture of herself in her wedding dress framed and hung on the wall?  Wouldn't you want your husband to be in it?

Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Year - A Clean Slate

This is not a post about New Years Resolutions as I don't believe in them.  If you want to change something in your life then do it, a date shouldn't be the trigger.  I always see the new year as full of possibilities.  If you've had a bad year then close the door on it and look forward, not backwards.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Hill Billy Christmas

I've emerged from work long enough to get this post up.  Originally, we had planned on taking a work break between Christmas and New Years but due to complications with our largest client and the fact that hubby has to fly out on business on Jan 1 at 6am (really!) we are doing loads of work this week.  I also had a bunch of year end financial stuff to process before our corporate year end of Dec 31.  

All the local kids here were happy as we got 3 inches of snow on Christmas Eve afternoon as many a snow man got built that day.  As the boys had already safely flew on on the 23 it really didn't effect us but made for bad local roads that day.  

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Back from Our Alberta Trip

We are back from our annual trek to Alberta and fortunately all our flights went without issue.  On the Thursday before our airport was once again shut by fog but that seems to be over now as we have rain again which is much better than fog for travelling.  Our family is well, we saw all four kids and realized that is likely to be one of the last times all six of us will be together for quite some time, likely until one of them gets married!  This is due to the fact that my eldest stepson is moving to Ottawa which is so far away we will be lucky to see him once a year.  Fortunately though we stay in quite close touch with each other, usually talking to each of them by phone or facetime once a week or every other week.  I kind of figured this would happen sooner than it has and who knows in several years if any of them will live in the same town as each other.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December Doings

Time has been flying lately between work and Christmas preparations.  Our tree (artificial)turned out nicely again, looks so similar from year to year but this year my vintage tree topper was added.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Freebies, points and rebate roundup 2017

Time to do a recap on all the points/freebies and rebates we have received this year.  For anyone who thinks it doesn't add up - think again!  Yes, we both have point credit cards - me the Air Miles Mastercard and hubby the RBC Avion Visa.  His is better but we can use mine places like Costco that only take Mastercard in Canada.  I have a spreadsheet for all this so I just calculate it everytime something is redeemed.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Almost Done Christmasfying

front of our house
Another week has gone by and our house is decorated inside and out.  There are even a couple of wrapped presents under the tree!  I usually don't wrap gifts this early but ran out of room to store them so decided to wrap.  The free Christmas lights I got in the summer turned out exactly as I had hoped, hubby did a great job hanging them on our cedars which frame our back yard, the picture isn't great but the lights are on all three sides.  As our home has large windows in every room we can see them easily from inside the house.  I know they take more power but we have led lights on the front of the house and the old ones in the back.  They have such a nice glow.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Homemaking Fail!

So yesterday I was a little distracted when I put some leftover homemade garlic toast in the oven to reheat. It actually caught on fire! In the past I have burned things, but never to this degree - darn broiler.  At least it was only two pieces of toast and not actual supper which had already been cooked.  Fortunately I was able to dump them in the sink to get the fire out but a definite cooking fail.